The Register

Registered Coded Charter Vessels

The Register is available in short-form format on the web and at marina reception areas allowing potential charterers to confirm that the boat they have chartered is legal and safe.

The Register is compiled and managed by The Professional Charter Association in association with Certifying Authorities. Registered vessels will be issued with an annual sticker to assist with easy identification by other operators and members of the public.

Presently “The Harmonised Code MGN 280” is used for vessel coding covering:

  • Sailing charter vessels, both skippered and bareboat
  • Motor charter vessels including angling and dive boats
  • Motor vessels carrying up to 12 passengers
  • RIBs operating commercially
  • Workboats (New Workboat 11 code)
  • Pilot boats

The requirements for the use of each vessel are considered and the category approved will depend upon the nature of its operations, distance from a safe haven, limiting weather and whether overnight passages are to be undertaken.

Online Register

A vessel may be considered for the issue of a Small Commercial Vessel certificate allowing it to operate in one of the following areas:-

  • Category 6: To sea within 3 miles from a nominated departure point(s) named in the certificate and never more than 3 miles from land in favourable weather and daylight.
  • Category 5: To sea within 20 miles from a nominated departure point named in the certificate in favourable weather and daylight.
  • Category 4: Up to 20 miles from a safe haven in favourable weather and in daylight.
  • Category 3: Up to 20 miles from a safe haven.
  • Category 2: Up to 60 miles from a safe haven.
  • Category 1: Up to 150 miles from a safe haven.
  • Category 0: Unrestricted service.

Each vessel is then subject to annual inspections to allow it to continue to operate. Safety equipment and crew qualifications form part of the licensing.

This also includes Fire Fighting, Sea Survival, First Aid, Navigation qualifications, crew medicals and crew manning levels to name a few.