Terms & Conditions

The Professional Charter Association (The PCA) reserve the right to refuse applications for inclusion in the Register (international coded charter vessel register) or remove registered vessels if, in the opinion of the register management that the vessel, or crew, do not comply with the terms of their certification.

Owners/operators are required to inform the register management of :
Any non-compliance notice issued, or in the event of an accident the certification had been revoked or re-inspection required.

Any change of ownership or management of the vessel, or a change of vessel name.

Any alteration, change or variation of the coding certificate, change of certifying authority, home port or owner’s contact details.

Owner Obligations
Owners or their appointed agent agree to maintain the vessel in accordance with the certificate of coding and to supply to the register a copy of the current SCV2 certificate or Local Authority Code Certificate.

A copy of the completed certificate must be submitted to the Register annually or upon any changes to the vessels code certification.

The PCA, their agents and employees will not disclose owner details to any third party unless required to do so by the appropriate authorities. Public records of the vessel detail will be held on the website register.

Owners are encouraged to promote their vessel as Christensen Lloyd Registered. A sticker confirming registration will be supplied annually and should be displayed in a prominent position.